Chinese Numbers Match

New app released on Android that lets you learn Chinese numbers.

Let me know if you have any suggestions related to the app.

(BTW, I set up a WordPress plugin now so I don’t need to manually block spam anymore. This was killing my search rankings, not to mention annoying.)

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  1. harry layman says:

    Thanks for your post on Android sizes. I have been studying Chinese for some time, and developed an app to help me learn Chinese characters (see web site link). I have ported this iOS app to Android (with some help) but am confounded by the challenge of supporting as many devices as possible. My app works fine on Fire and Galaxy Tab 2 7″, both at 1024×600. My app has no sound, and is focused on character / word recognition. Happy to share the code if it inspires you to develop something more robust with sound files etc. Suggestion about how best to support any 1024×600 (and up) device with small fixed set of layouts would be appreciated. Already ready to punt the 2.3.4 / api 10.0 “Kindle Fire” and focus on modern (3.0? 4.0 and up) devices… thanks! for any advice


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